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Google Ads Agency Bangalore

Google Ads Agency in Bangalore

Performance-Driven Google Adwords Management Agency In Bangalore Since 2014

Optimus PPC is a Google Ads Agency in Bangalore, India providing Google Ads Strategy and Campaign Management services since 2014. Optimus PPC is a Google Ads Partner and Google Ads Specialist with certifications in Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and Google Video Ads (YouTube).


Google Ads is the leader in Search Advertising with about 9 out of 10 searches globally. Google Ads puts your business in front of people who are searching for a product/service you provide on Google Search or Google Maps across devices, viz., mobile, desktop/laptop or tablets. The beauty of the Google Ads Platform is you pay only when people click your ads and you can control the exact amount or budget you want to spend in a given period of time. These clicks generate visits to your website or calls to your business. Google Ads are very effective as businesses can target people who are looking for a product/service. 

Google Ads platform enables businesses to target the full funnel or buying stages... from Awareness, Consideration & Conversion. The full-funnel targeting can be done by using all the Google advertising properties - Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, and YouTube Ads.

Adwords Management Company In Bangalore focusing on:
Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads & YouTube Ads 

Google Search Ads On Google Search Network (GSN): 

The ads target people who are looking for a product or service like yours or trying to do something that your product/service enables them or makes easier on Google Search and Google Search Partners. The Google search network provides an opportunity to target your audience when they are specifically looking for or researching the problems/solutions you are addressing through products/services. 


Google Display Ads On Google Display Network (GDN):

The ads target competitors & similar product/service users. The display network provides large-number of ad impressions building awareness and reaching targeted users when they are not actively searching for the products/services you provide.


Video Ads On YouTube (the world’s 2nd largest search engine):  

Video ads target people who are looking for content related to your product/service or doing something that your product/service enables or makes easier. Video Ads on YouTube generate awareness and engage your target audience by grabbing their attention at the right moment.

Google Advertising Agency, Optimus PPC's Services

As a Google Adwords Certified Company, Optimus PPC provides these services under Google Ads Management to help businesses like yours maximize the potential of Google Ads and drive Lead Generation, Improve Lead Quality and Reduce Cost per Lead. Here is a closer look at the PPC Services in Bangalore we offer:

Google Ads Review

As a Google Certified Agency, we do a comprehensive Google Ads Audit to identify areas for improving campaign performance. Our Google Ads Review is built on a comprehensive Google Ads Audit Checklist including campaign strategy, structure, keyword research & grouping, ad copy, bidding, and landing pages, and we will provide actionable recommendations to help you optimize your campaigns and boost your return on ad spends.

Google Ads Strategy

Our team of Google Ads Experts will work with you to develop a customized Google Ads Strategy that aligns with your business goals and consumer behaviour. We will consider elements like your google ads account/campaign structure, target audience, their buying journey/funnel stages, ad/campaign type, budget, bidding, and competition to draw-up a Google Ads Strategy that will drive results.

Keyword Research

Effective keyword research is the foundation of a successful Google Ads campaign. Our team of Google Ads Specialists will work on comprehensive Google Ads Keyword Research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your Google Ads Campaign. Once the Google Ads Keyword Research is completed, we will develop a Google Ads Keyword Strategy that will drive results based on your business goals.

Ad Copy Writing 

Compelling ad copy is essential for driving clicks and conversions. Our team of skilled Google Advertising Experts will write ad copy that resonates with your target audience by touching upon their needs, pain points and motivates them to take action. Our Google Ads Account Managers will work on A/B testing to continually refine and improve your Google ad copy over time.

Google Ads Campaign Setup

Our team of Google Ads Consultants will handle all aspects of campaign setup, from selecting keywords and grouping them based on relevant themes to create ad groups, to writing Google Ads copy to bidding including conversion tracking. We will ensure that your campaign is set up for success from the beginning.

Google Ads Management & Optimization

Our team of Google Campaign Managers will handle ongoing Google Ads Campaign Management and Google Ads Optimization to ensure that your campaigns continue to drive results. We will continually monitor and adjust your campaigns based on performance of ads, keywords, bids, and competition to maximize your Return on Advertising Spends.

Why Choose Optimus PPC as your preferred

Google Adwords Management Company In Bangalore?

google ads agency
15+ Years Experience
in Google Ads

Our Founder comes with 15+ years of extensive experience in digital advertising and is a Google Advertising Expert from 2009. With prior experience in Marketing and Brand Consulting.

google adwords management company in bangalore
ROI Focused

As a Google Advertising Firm we focus on maximizing the Return on Ad Spends. We have successfully demonstrated that we can drive results and deliver value to Clients.

google adwords management agency in bangalore
Process Driven

As a Google Adwords Agency we have developed time-tested processes to handle every aspect of the Google Ads, from Strategy to Setup to Management to Optimization. This ensures that we delivery consistent results.

google advertising agency
Google Ads Certified

Our Google Ads Specialist team are Google Ads Certified Professionals in Google Search Ads Certified, Google Display Ads Certified, and Google Video Ads Certified

google ads agency bangalore
Customized For
Your Requirements

As a Google PPC Agency we customize your Google Ads Strategy based on your unique requirements and goals. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach.

adwords management company in bangalore
Fixed Deliverables
and Fees

As Google Ads Company we work on predetermined deliverables and fees. Not on % of spends! We do not incentivize ourselves to get you to spend more. And our deliverables are clearly spelled out at the beginning.

agency google ads
Google Partner
Badged Agency

Optimus PPC became a Google Partners Agency way back in 2014, the same year as the agency was set up. And it has retained the Google Partner badge quarter on quarter ever since.

google adwords agency in bangalore
Complete Transparency
+ Client Owns All Assets

All our Google Ads Management Services work done will be through client owned accounts and the client has access and owns all platforms, assets and data.

google ads agency in bangalore
We Partner for
the Long Term

We are committed for Long-term success of our clients as Google Advertising Company. We partner with clients providing guidance, support, and ongoing optimization to ensure optimum ad performance.

Google Ads Agency Client Testimonials

- Antonio Silva,
BikeLife, South Africa

"One of the best we have ever used... delivered beyond expectation, on budget and ahead of time. Don't look further if you need a digital marketing resource."

David Gunther, PilatesCan, Australia

"Exceeded our expectations. Knowledgeable on many facets of Internet Marketing, professionally communicating concepts in a clear, concise and project-relevant way."

Andrew Wilson, MarketersCollege, UK

"Very happy... Good input into the project, great communication, added significant value to the project."

- Alisa L,
AMM Holdings, Canada

"If you need a Google Ads Specialist - they are your people no questions asked. Don't go to someone who is less money, you get what you pay for."

Jimmie Jack,
JJ Fishing Lodges, USA

"I cannot say enough great things about Subash and his company. I have referred and will continue to refer clients to him. Very honest, fast, and knows PPC. Use Subash, you will be glad you did!"

YK, Tiger Tech Solutions, India

"Excellent communication. Perfect Delivery. Made sure I was completely satisfied with the work. Highly recommended"

Google Advertising Agency Clients

Make Your Google Ads PPC Campaign Work Harder To Enable You To Achieve Profitable Business Growth.
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