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About Optimus PPC


Optimus is a Latin word that means "best" or "greatest". 

As an adjective, Optimus can mean good, great, pleasant, favorable, or valuable. "Optimus sum" means "I'm the best".
Optimus can also be used as a noun to mean "best". For example, "optimus optimi" translates to "be the best of all".


Optimus is the source word for Optimum.

Optimum means: a condition, degree, amount or compromise that produces the best possible result
1. the most favourable point, degree, or amount of something for obtaining a given result.
2. the most favourable conditions for the growth of an organism.
3. the best result obtainable, under specific conditions.

We named our company Optimus based on the word's meaning, as it was exactly relevant to the way we offer our Digital Advertising Services. We manage Digital Advertising Campaigns by using various advertising channels, strategy and tactics to derive the best results for clients. 

"Optimus PPC – we cross all the T’s & dot all the I’s to get you the best results."

Optimus PPC is a Google Ads Certified and badged Google Ads Partner Agency (since 2014) providing Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Conversion Rate Optimization/Landing Page Optimization & B2B Marketing Consulting Services to Small & Medium Businesses across the world. 

Optimus PPC's Philosophy: 


  • Specific Deliverables & Project Fees – No % of Ad Spend (we dont get paid more by making you spend more)

  • Optimization has to be approached holistically – not mindless PPC optimization only

  • Give Mind Space to Clients & their marketing effort – few clients & intense work

  • No One-Size-Fits-All approach – Individualised Strategies based on specific requirements & data

Subash Bidare - AdWords Certified Expert
Subash J Bidare

B2B Marketing Consultant, PPC Expert, Certified Google Ads & LinkedIn Ads Expert

  • Commerce grad with an MBA in Marketing (Class of '98) 

  • 26+ years of experience in Management Consulting & Marketing with the last 14 of them in Digital Advertising and Marketing.

  • Traditional marketing foundation with digital marketing expertise  

  • Google AdWords Certified Professional

  • LinkedIn Ads Certified Professional

Pallavi BM - Facebook Ads Expert
Pallavi B Mohan

Social Media Marketer,

Content & Creative Expert

  • Social Media Marketer - Paid & Social

  • Content Development & Landing Pages

  • Creatives 

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