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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) / Landing Page Optimization (LPO) Service is the process of continually developing, A/B and Multivariate testing, analysing and optimizing digital advertising funnels to deliver higher conversions at lower costs.


Many Small and Medium Businesses don't need & cannot afford full-time CRO & LPO Managers and thus it makes sense to outsource CRO & LPO to Specialist Agencies.

Why choose Optimus for CRO & LPO?

Data Driven Strategies.

All decisions made are based on data from the client and customers. All strategy & tactical decisions are made with client consultation.

No One-Size-Fits All Approach.

We customize all CRO & LPO Strategies for each client based on data and client requirements. We do not use the same strategy for all clients.

Fixed Deliverables
& Fees.

We work on predetermined deliverables and fees. We go the extra mile to get the results that will help Clients Grow their business.

Complete Transparency.
No Longterm

All work done will be through client owned accounts and the client has access to the CRO & LPO Campaigns anytime and owns all work done.

Work with clients is based on value delivered month on month. The client can cancel CRO & LPO Services anytime.

We have a structured approach to developing alternative strategies & testing options to test & analyse results to deliver Business Growth. 

We will Setup & Optimize CRO & LPO Campaigns to save money, identify areas that may be draining your conversions, improve your funnel and get more sales or leads.

CRO & LPO Methodology

  1. Data Gathering

    • Company – Goals / USPs

    • Customers – Needs/Problems, Reasons to buy, Objections

    • Website – Usability, sales funnel

    • Form hypothesis – Customer type, Landing Page, Problem

  2. Configure Hypothesis for Testing

    • What is to be tested?

    • Which Customer types to be tested?

    • Where it has to be tested?

  3. New Landing Page

    • Design & Develop new landing pages on Unbounce / Instapage

    • Ensure we are targeting the right customer type

    • Ensure tracking is implemented & working 

    • Ensure multi-device & browser tested

    • Client sign off to start testing

  4. Analyse Results

    • Statistical significance reached?

    • Hypothesis was correct – scale results

    • Hypothesis was wrong – what did we learn

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"One of the best we have ever used... delivered beyond expectation, on budget and ahead of time. Don't look further if you need a digital marketing resource."

- Antonio Silva, BikeLife, South Africa

"Exceeded our expectations. Knowledgeable on many facets of Internet Marketing, professionally communicating concepts in a clear, concise and project-relevant way."

- David Gunther, PilatesCan, Australia

"Very happy... Good input into the project, great communication, added significant value to the project."

- Andrew Wilson, MarketersCollege, United Kingdom

"Excellent communication. Perfect Delivery. Made sure I was completely satisfied with the work. Highly recommended."

- VK, TigerTech Solutions, India

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